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Cooking Classes in Cinque Terre

Cooking classes have quickly become a favored past time for many people and there is perhaps no other place in the world where one can find the amazing classes offered in the Cinque Terre, Italy. Here, in various regions and within the five small towns, various classes are given and different cuisines and cultures can be studied, whether you prefer to learn classic Italian cuisine or vegetarian.

Antica Hostaria Secondini

(Via Montalbano 19123 La Spezia, Phone 0187 701345 Cell. 3663147063)

cinque-terre-cookingOne of the most raved about cooking classes can be found in the quaint town of La Spezia where guests can meet up with Simona at the local train station. She along with her husband run a series of classes where guests will learn the fine art of Italian cuisine and partake in making dishes which include meatballs, pasta and homemade pesto.

Later the group meets on the patio to enjoy their meal as well as a nice glass of local wine while learning more about the history and culture from Simona and her chef husband. The team will also share some of their recipes that you can take home and enjoy with your friends and family.

Osteria Restaurant

This five to six hour cooking class in La Spezia is also popular. Chef Marta will take the group for a stroll by the hillside and teach guests how to construct fine English or Italian cuisine using the freshest ingredients. At the end of the lesson, enjoy the fruits of your labor and a glass of wine.

Known as one of the finest and best seafood restaurants in the Cinque Terre, the lessons are easy, perfect for beginners and Marta is one of the best chefs to learn from. Classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and groups are a minimum of 6 people.


cinque-terre-cooking3Come to the beautiful town of Riomaggiore and learn the art of vegetarian cooking with Tim the Girl (Tim McDiarmid) for an amazing experience. The entire group will visit the local market and choose the freshest ingredients and then Tim will educate them about spices, mixtures, and how to perfectly flavor each meal. Every meal will consist of a salad, main dish and freshly baked bread as well as perfected, local wine and great conversation (For more info please click here).





Cooking Lessons with il Ciliegio Restaurant. These Italian cooking lessons in Cinque Terre offer authentic and traditional methods and show what it is really like to work in an Italian restaurant kitchen preparing quality traditional food.  Lessons are held Monday to Thursday (No lessons take place during November.)



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