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Cinque Terre Hiking Guide


 Make sure to visit the official website of Cinque Terre National Park and see the current status of which trails are open.

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 Cinque Terre Hiking is a popular past time and if you choose a spot that has conducive walking trails and breathtaking views, many claim it can be next to a mind altering experience. Hiking along the Cinque Terre paths and trails certainly qualifies as the paths are barnone among some of the best in the world and the scenic views and scrolling landscapes are amazing.

All the villages are equally pleasing to the eye and psyche and all are nestled against the towns at sea level, other than Corniglia which sits atop a high cliff. Each of these towns has something to offer local or tourist hikers, as they have an old town feel, though Monterosso over the years has become more of a beach tourist area complete with a few places to dine and a boardwalk.

Click the links below for detailed guide.

Click for the Guide ==> The Sentiero Azzurro (Also Known as Blue Path No.2)

    Short Info: lovers-lane

  • Starts from Riomaggiore to Monterosso
  • Total Distance: 12 km or 7,5 miles
  • Walking Time: Around 5h
  • Include the Lovers Lane’ or Via dell'Amore (Cinque Terre’s most famous walk)
  • Entrance 3 to 5 euro (or see cinque card here)
EUR 3 to 5


Click for the Guide ==> The Sentiero del Crinale (Also Known as The High Path N.1)

high-trail1     Short Info:

  • Starts at Levanto, on the west and terminates at Portovenere on the east
  • Total distance over 40 km or 25 miles
  • Walking Time: Around 10h - 12h
  • You can divide the path and walk only a part
  • Though it is tiring, anybody can do it.




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