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Cinque Terre Hiking Guide

The Sentiero Azzzurro (Also known as Blue Path N.2) Riomaggiore to Monterosso

  • Total Distance: 12 km or 7,5 miles 
  • Walking Time: Around 5h      
  • Entrance: 3-5 Euro (or read about Cinque Terre Card)

Make sure to visit the official website of Cinque Terre National Park and see the current status of which trails are open.

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blue-pathCombined, all five Cinque Terre trails (No.2 Blue Path) are about 12 km (7,5 miles) long and all five of them can easily, if you’re advantageous enough, be walked within a day or two’s time. Hikers and explorers beware though-there is now an admission charge to view these beautiful trails and the best deals lie within getting an unlimited train pass so that you can maneuver between the five cities and still enjoy the luscious views.

Hiking the trail No.2 of Cinque Terre has become increasingly popular for tourists from around the world. Keep in mind that as you finagle your way from town to town, the hiking terrains will increase in difficulty and steepness the farther north you travel. For this reason most partakers choose to do all five trails over a two day interim.

The Journey Begins:

Riomaggiore to Manarola

  • Distance: 1km or 0,6 miles
  • Walking time: Around 30 mins
  • Difficulty: Easy

blue-path-trail1Most people choose to begin their journey walking from Riomaggiore to Manarola which takes a leisurely stroller about 30 minutes to complete. This area has been referred to as ‘Lovers Lane’ or Via dell'Amore (Cinque Terre’s most famous walk) as the flat surface affords hikers myriad resting places where romantic kissing is inevitable. The easiest of all the trails, the hike from Riomaggiore to Manarola is paved and thus a hot spot for families as they can bring along strollers, wheelchairs and pets. There is also a tunnel (with windows to look below) and as you exit the views of the waves crashing along the cliff are pretty remarkable.

and continues...

Manarola to Corniglia

  • Distance: 2,8 km or 1,75 miles    
  • Walking Time: 1h       
  • Difficulty:  Easy

blue-path-trail2This next portion of your hiking adventure begins similarly to the trail you just left but this one is not paved and here is where you can appreciate that you are no longer at sea level. Perched high upon a cliff, the scenic worth is much anticipated and will not disappoint you in the least. As the town of Corniglia becomes nearer you will pass by train tracks and a water trail. You will also embark on a challenging set of stairs (360 to be exact) which for some won’t pose a problem. The fanatically fit will revel in the challenge; for others you can easily hitch a ride on the shuttle bus. The beach view below is a pretty site and the breezes make the resting stops more bearable. All said, this trail should take no more than an hour to complete of course depending on the stops you take.

Corniglia to Vernazza

  • Distance: 3,4 km or 2,1 miles        
  • Walking Time: Around 1h and 45 mins          
  • Difficulty: Average

blue-path-trail3As you continue your adventure northward, this trail becomes a little more difficult to travel but the views will be enough to sustain your interest. Perched atop a hill there is nowhere to go but up; but that is short lived and soon enough the trail heads back downward. Other challenges particular to this trail are the areas where narrow is an understatement and there are various sized rocks or boulders to maneuver around, so be careful as you are taking in the sights. Sights on one side include marvelous vineyards worthy of taking in, but in some areas all that is between you and a far free fall is a cliff; note that there are not even rails in some of these areas so due vigilance is the key word here. The town of Vernazza is picturesque and there are a few restaurants you can stop in at for local cuisine and snacking.

Final stop:

Vernazza to Monterosso

  • Distance: 3,8 km or 2,36 miles         
  • Walking Time: Around 2 hours            
  • Difficulty: Average

blue-path-trail4Of all the trails, you will likely find this one the hardest. The trail has a series of uphill and downhill paths that seem to come out of nowhere and in many places it is so narrow that moving past one person may appear impossible. It is possible but may take some strategic tactics and patience as you may choose to let others go through while you contemplate your own fate as you overlook the cliffs on the other side. This path is also the steepest of the five and frequent rests are not uncommon. If possible, save this trail for weather permitting day, as trudging uphill for nearly an hour may not be a great plan if the weather is scorching.

The upside is the further you travel, the beautiful vineyards and shaded areas become in sight and this is a great place to stop and take the views and scents in. For as far as the eye can see there is lush greenery to be appreciated. Because of the intensity of this trail most hikers will take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours to finish it.

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