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Cinque Terre Boat Tours

  Admiring the sunset on board the boat captained by Angelo and his American wife, Paula, is a truly romantic experience that you won't soon forget. Find Out More!


Boating is among one of the most favored and enjoyable activities people who are visiting the Cinque Terre partake in. Whether choosing a morning boat tour or a romantic evening, sunset tour each of the boating tours in Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets offers once in a lifetime experiences that will leave a lasting impression and vast memories that visitors can recount for decades to come.

boat tour2One of the most popular boating tours takes place in the Gulf of Poets, and is a three day tour which begins in Lirici, which is a picturesque and majestic town within the Gulf of Poets and also resides close to the Cirque Terre National Park and adjoining town of Portovenere. The area here is amazing to talk long walks around and explore in.

On day two the boat will cascade along other ports of Cirque Terre and ultimately land at the pier near the villages of Riomaggorio, Manarola and Vernazza where the boat will dock and riders are free to explore the towns and eat at the quaint cafes. The tour ends in the quaint city of La Spezia. At the conclusion of the day’s events you will go back to your hotel and resume activities of your choice.

Day three offers tourists a free day to relax, shop and dine in the surrounding areas of Cinque Terre and Monterosso. There are also nearby beaches to explore or sunbathe on as well as shops to visit.

This particular tour has reasonable rates and includes your hotel stay, breakfast each day, one boating tour on day 2 and a private car ride while in La Spezia.

Other tours such as the Azure Day Sailing tours are also a great choice is boating is what you are looking for. These tours are only one day long and during them you will coast along Cirque Terre for seven magical hours, while taking in the scenery of the quaint towns and their terraces. Other activities to enjoy while on the tour include snorkeling and swimming as well as enjoying some of the best local cuisine throughout the day.

The tour begins at the La Spezia Harbour and dashes straight to the Gulf of Poets which runs through the villages of Portovenere and Lerici. Later in the day the boat will anchor in other villages of Cirque Terre where boaters can enjoy local fare and do some shopping.

Other activities onboard include partaking in a mini boating lesson from the captain onboard (English speaking) as well as diving and swimming; or if you prefer you can just enjoy soaking in the sun on the boat while sipping a cool and refreshing drink.

  • Angelo's Boat Tours

Via Fegina 3, 19016 Monterosso Tel: +39 333-318-2967


  •  Matilde Navigazione di Stefano Bonansea

 Via Vittorio Emanuele, 7, 19016 Monterosso Mobile +39 333-821-2007


  • Cinqueterre dal Mare

Via San Giacomo, Marina di Riomaggiore, Riomaggiore

Claudio: (+39) 366 5099010
Francesco: (+39) 366 5099026
Roberto: (+39) 366 5099028
Martha: (+39) 347 0162530
(English Speaking)


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