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Cinque Terre Beaches and Diving

Cinque Terre has a lot of beaches where you can swim, relax, and freshen up. It has a very particular seaside in terms of the coastline and the sea. Every beach lover will surely be inspired to stay for a longer period of time in its waters and keep coming back for more.

fegina-monterossoCinque Terre beaches come with 2 long and sandy stretches situated at Monterosso al Mare. The slopping cobble or stone beaches as well as harbor quays are also found in various villages of Cinque Terre. Aside from that, its coast plunges to the sea with its vertical cliffs that continue underwater.

Its seabed is so deep which made it as one of the richest in the entire Liguria when it comes to marine life. It hosts multicolored ‘Paramunicee’ and red coral found in its darkest caves. Find out the other five places in Cinque Terre that have wonderful beaches.

Punta Mesco the Northeast boundary of Cinque Terre Marine Reserve contains deep seabed. The steep underwater rock sides have live species such as black umbra, grouper, and white bream. Its seabed becomes shallower as it reaches Monterosso. The bay of Fegina in Monterosso is one of the most ideal environments for the posedonia oceanica seagrass. Fegina beach is the best and largest sand beach in the entire Cinque Terre.


In this place, you will surely love its clear and cool blue water next to Santa Margherita Church. Vernazza is known as the only natural port in the village of Cinque Terre. Its beach space is smaller but there are flat rocks where you can enjoy the heat of the sun.


guvano-cornigliaCorniglia does not have a direct sea access. However, it has a very famous beach which is the Guvano beach. It is composed of pebble stones and sand and considered as one of the most peaceful beaches in Cinque Terre. It lies between Vernazza and Corniglia and may be reached in 2 ways. The first one is by taking a trekking path along the blue path (over an hour) and the second through the dark tunnel (recommended). Guvano beach has a long stretch of pebble beach near the Corniglia railway station. It is also popular to the tourists and locals. The distance from the railway station is around 12-15 mins (through the tunnel).

through the dark google_marker_yellow3.pngtunnel


Manarola is a perfect place for relaxation while enjoying the sun near the village’s tiny harbor. This harbor rests between 2 rocky boulders. It is also formed by the terraced promenade.


             Riomaggiore (photo source)

In this place, you have the chance to enjoy the sunshine along with clear and blue waters on the public beach in its eastern part. Here, many people prefer to soak in the sun and watch the massive cliffs of its coastline. The distance from the railway ststion is around 5 mins.




Bonassola, Framura (Porto Pidocchio beach) and Levanto (second larger beach) are other great places to swim near Cinque Terre. They have long sandy beaches that are perfect for various beach activities. It is also an ideal place for surfing, comes with many restaurants and shopping locations.(Levanto, Photo left)


Diving in Cinque Terre and surroundings:

  • The Diving Center 5 Terre in Riomaggiore (SP)

Via S. Giacomo snc - Riomaggiore (SP)

Tel/fax +39/0187.92.00.11 - cell +39/3398342798

Email: info [at] 5terrediving.it

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Oasi Blu s.r.l

Via della Marina 32 Cadimare (SP) P.IVA 01023690116
Tel/fax: 0187-778305 Simone:347-4909066


  • Cartura Diving

lungomare Amerigo Vespucci, modulo 18 presso la struttura Waterfront/Area Nautica Vallesanta 19015  Levanto(SP)

tel./fax +39 0187 808766, cell. +39 3479253108

info [at] divingcartura.it


  • The European Dive'in Center

via Lungomare Milite Ignoto 46, 16038 Santa Margherita Ligure

tel. 0185293017 fax. 0185292466

Email: info [at] europeandc.com


  • Punta Masco Diving Center

Lungomare A. Vespucci 21/22 Levanto (SP) 19015
Tel and Fax: 0187 807055 Cell: +39 348 0454048 or +39 348 8034570  
direzione [at] divingcenter.net


  • San Fruttuoso Diving Center

Via Favale 31, 16038 - Santa Margherita Ligure, Genova Italy
phone +39 0185 289 574, mobile. +39 335 335 016

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