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Genoa is the beautiful capital city of Liguria, which is situated around the north-western coast of Italy. Genoa is a city of art situated as a metropolis facing the sea. The city grew around a port, which is a natural inlet and is a place of heavy traffic and business exchanges. The antique heart of the city is the biggest medieval historic centre in all of Europe. At this heart, a tight network of lanes are brought together to create the multicultural soul that has characterized the city's history.

Do not miss a visit to the Palazzi dei Rolli which is also a spot on the Unesco World Heritage list. At this site, you will experience sumptuous dwellings which will revive the atmosphere that existed in Genoa during the 1600s and 1700s.


If you are planning to take a trip to the Cinque Terre in Italy, then you can’t miss out a visit to the wonderful village on the coast: Portovenere (Image Source)

Portovenere is an old Italian village in the province of La Spezia in the amazing region called Liguria. The village lies at the southern end of a peninsula in the Golfo dei Poeti (Gulf of Poets) facing three islands, sitting one behind the other, called Palmaria - which is heart shaped when looked at from a satellite - Tintoretto and Tino. Since 1997 these three islands, together with Portovenere and Cinque Terre, have been nominated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. 

Canal Boating around the Venice Lagoon

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Are you looking for a unique way to view one of the most beautiful and romantic sites in the world, Venice? Canal boating will offer you a great way to see the great city and the surrounding Lagoon as well. Venice is a great place to hire a canal boat because of all the water ways in the lagoon. Make sure you have taken out adventure insurance before casting off around the lagoon (image source).

What To Know Before You Travel Solo

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Ensure Your Documents are One Hundred Percent in Order

Before leaving on any trip, in a group or especially if you are travelling alone, make sure your passport has a minimum of six months remaining, as of the date of your return. Make sure your visas are completed properly. In addition to the stamp in your passport keep any letters of approval with you at all times.

Make three copies of your documents. Once in a foreign country, other than an immigration officer, you should never give your original documents to anyone. A clear, readable copy is all that is required. Even the police must accept the use of a copy. If asked where your passport is, say it is at the embassy, or consulate, getting more pages added. 


For a show like Seinfeld that was on the air for nine seasons and has enjoyed nearly fifteen years in syndication, there are many episodes you can consider for the best one of all time. Sure, you could go with “The Contest” or “The Boyfriend,” but what about “The Maestro?” This seventh season episode featured the “venerable” maestro, a boyfriend of Elaine’s who obviously is a conductor and refuses to be acknowledged by his actual name. He tells Jerry that there are no rentals available in Tuscany, so Jerry makes it his purpose in life to find a rental to counter the Maestro’s claim.


My recent interview in Susan Van Allen's (famous author of 100 Places In Italy Every Woman Should Go and Letters from Italy: Confessions, Adventures, and Advice) blog about the pleasures of Rapallo in Liguria (Image Source).

Here is the link:

Golden Day Eighty-Seven: Pleasures of Rapallo



One of the many decisions that need to be made when planning a trip is exactly where you are going to stay. Though your choice of accommodation is certainly not as important as your choice of destination, it isn’t something that you should rush into either (Image Source).

For most backpackers, the choice comes down to the multiple hostels located in just about every major city. If you are a backpacker and you want to get the most out of your choice, try to avoid making any of the following surprisingly common mistakes.


More people are taking their pets with them when they travel. Companies in the travel industry realize that they need to accommodate these travelers if they want to earn their business. Car rental companies are offering features in their vehicles to make them safer for dogs. More hotels are also changing their policies to be more accommodating for people traveling with pets (Image source).

However, you may have a difficult time finding a hotel that offers the flexibility that you are looking for. One recent study found that over half of people traveling with pets weren’t happy with the options available to them. You will want to know what hotels you can visit and make sure that you find one that meets your criteria. Here are some things that you will want to take into consideration when you are looking to travel with your pet.


Sometimes the act of booking a holiday can be as exciting as the holiday itself. It gets you in the mood for wherever it is you want to go and once it’s all booked then the countdown can commence until your getaway begins. When it comes to booking accommodation there are plenty of options but, on the whole, hotels tend to offer the best all round deals. However, not just any hotel will do as there are a few considerations that you will need to factor in before you make your booking. The last thing you want is for your holiday to be ruined before it’s even begun by a poor hotel.


The flood that crippled the towns of Cinque Terre on October 25, 2011 are still spoken about over a year later. What is remarkable about times of devastation is that often heroes emerge and the community at large gathers about, all helping their neighbors and saving lives.

On this particular day however, there was one unlikely hero that was unsuspecting. Pierpaolo Paradisi, a man of Italian descent residing in the town of Vernazza, had recently adopted a small Balkan puppy from Serbia. As it turned out, the dog would give new meaning to the beloved term, “man’s best friend.” This small dog, Leo, would ultimately save the life of his owner, who remains forever grateful.

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