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When preparing for a trip of any kind, whether it is for business or pleasure, the first challenge you’ll meet is the packing.  It may not be rocket science but there is an art to packing for any kind of overseas (or even domestic) flight or trip.  Most of us tend to over-pack, adding unnecessary items like the kitchen sink as though we were travelling to the third world, when in fact we’re only venturing to Majorca.  Even hardened business travellers face difficulties in packing; especially when they face the task of including essential business ‘kit’ as well.  Here are some tips and tricks to making the most of your luggage allowance, plus some advice on what really goes on in the world of the baggage handler

Top 5 Most Visited Destinations in Italy

Posted by on in Italy


Italy is one of the most beautiful and spectacular countries in the world famous for its cuisine, Roman architecture, beautiful women, opera and the historical might of the Roman Empire. A trip to this nation could be a once in a life time experience of any traveller as it contains forty-seven ‘UNESCO World Heritage Sites’, which is more than any other country and also houses more than 10,000 museums. It is very difficult to pick a few holiday destinations in Italy, but here are the choices (Image Source).


Travelling between different countries is often fraught with various risks, and this is why you need to plan overseas trips carefully. That doesn't mean you need to regiment yourself too much, of course, but a bit of careful forethought can help you dodge any avoidable inconvenience. There will, obviously, be certain factors which are completely out of control - such as the dreaded flight delays, for instance - but you should at least do your bit to ensure that you reach your destination as organised as possible. One of the biggest travel-related risks you have to be aware of that it's easy for your luggage to be either lost or damaged along the way. This is why you need to take steps to ensure your belongings are protected.


When you decide to have a family, you soon realise that life will never be the same again. You also realise that you can no longer do certain things like watch a movie uninterrupted, go out for dinner, or take relaxing trips abroad. While some parents just can't get over the planning and stress involved in taking a trip with the kids, others don't seem daunted by the task ahead. The trick is understand that when you travel with kids, you can't leave everything behind. There'll still be daytime naps, bedtime stories and food frustrations. If you can accept this and not set off with unrealistic expectations, you will have a successful and stress-free holiday.


The biggest source of stress and nerves for most people when they go on trip is the language barrier. While it is intensely rewarding to visit a place with a different language and culture than your own, it can cause many complications. Some people are so intimidated by the experience that they actively avoid countries without a major English speaking population. Which is a shame, because they miss out on so much.

While it might be a little embarrassing to have to ask for something to be repeated, or to have to mime your way through an exchange, it is worth it. But don't think it will all be broken words and pointing. Here are five tips for translating woes while abroad.

Top five things to do in Lake Como, Italy

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After a well deserved long weekend away which consisted of a lot of fantastic food, people and most of all spectacular scenery I am somewhat relaxed – which after the exploring we took upon ourselves is surprising. Myself and a few family members have just arrived back from Lake Como in Italy (as regular visitors to Lake Garda we decided to have a change) and we are already itching to get back. There is a lot to see and do here aside from complete relaxation absorbing the scenery and culture such as a water club, cooking lessons and it wouldn’t be an Italian holiday without some scrumptious wine tasting! Aside from all that there are breathtaking sceneries and historical attractions to visit and restaurants to drop into to enjoy fine dining which is filling and affordable And for the fashionistas of us all, there is a direct train available which will take you to Milan (image source).


The Italian Riviera in undoubtedly one of the of most beautiful places in Europe. The natural beauty of the area has been attracting travellers all around the world throughout the whole year. The wonderful weather and the long strip of white sandy beaches surrounded by various coves and cliffs. Italian Riviera has become a safe haven for the nature lovers. It was said that this area had become a source inspiration for most of the renowned Italian artists This area has a lot to offer than the rest of the country and is considered as one of the places not to be missed when visiting Italy.

Skiing in Monesi di Triora

Posted by on in Liguria/Italian Riviera

Monesi Di Triora

Liguria may be more famous, particularly among international visitors, for its stunning coastline, and the historic cities of Genoa and Savona, but travel north from the coast, towards the borders with both Piedmont and France, and you’ll find some of the best all-terrain, cross country skiing Italy has to offer. Though there are several ski areas in the region, including Santo Stefano and Alberola, the most popular by far is Monesi di Triora.


Since the time of Byron and Shelly, the Lingurian coast with amazing scenery and history has been a major attraction for a lot of tourists and stars. Italian Riviera is another name for the coast of Liguria and it is one the smallest and one of the most beautiful regions lying westwards above the great Italian boot. With its vibrant charms, this sweeping shore curves between the French Cote d’Azur and Tuscany. The beautiful beaches are bordered with the glimmering waters and the seaside towns exude a feeling of an ancient elegance. The literary appeal of the Italian Riviera was expressed from the time of Byron and Shelly who were smitten by the Gulf of La Spezia in the East (Image Source).


Cinque Terre, UNESCO World Heritage site and national park, is an absolutely wonderful place to shoot wedding and engagement pictures. Wedding photographers from all over Tuscany and Liguria are always asked to perform a photo session for all their clients willing to have some pictures taken in one of the most romantic places in the world.

Cinque Terre is indeed a unique place, and with its breath-taking and well-preserved medieval fishing villages, offers a number of locations which can be used by an expert wedding photographer to shoot incredibly amazing pictures that have something epic and romantic at the same time.

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