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I love traveling…that sentence alone cannot adequately convey the deepness of that statement. It is my number one passion in life. But, it is certainly not a cheap endeavor. While it would be nice to be able to pick locations and accommodations without a thought to money, that is not the reality for most of us. But, that does not mean we cannot have an awesome time.

 I am 32, and personally, the hostel crowd with shared bathrooms and bunk beds is just not for me.  I need quiet and privacy; I do not drink or party, nor do I want to stay in a place where I have to listen to everyone do just these things in the bar downstairs. I know there are people who can go this route into their 60’s without a problem, I know I have seen them. It is the ultimate budget accommodation, but if you know this scene is not for you and your financial situation gives you a bit more flexibility, I feel I can offer some helpful advice that can help stretch your dollars.


If you’re like most people, we’re sure that you’ll agree that there’s absolutely nothing like chilling out, relaxing and having a grand old time with family, friends and whoever else at the beach.

Everything from the color of the sand, the green, blue and crystal clear water to the boating, swimming, fishing, and the opportunity to catch a few rays for the perfect tan is the thrill that most people, may be even you, look forward to when it comes to beaches.

But if you’re traveling to a place like Italy or if you’re a resident of Italy, now that the summer months are officially here, we’re sure that knowing some of the top beaches in Portovenere to visit could come in handy.

Well today is your luck day, because listed below are just a few of the best beaches to visit in Portovenere.

Blue Path No.2: Riomaggiore to Monterosso


Total distance: 12 km (7,5 miles)

Below are trail Updates according to the latest information available from the Cinque Terre National Park.

Entrance: 5 euro


  • Riomaggiore to Manarola (‘Lovers Lane’ or Via dell'Amore): Closed 
  •  Manarola to Corniglia: Closed
  • Corniglia to Vernazza: Open
  •  Vernazza to Monterosso: Open

  Be careful! Cinque Terre National Park paths will always occur in good climatic weather conditions, with appropriate footwear and by people with good hiking practice.

For the complete hiking guide (blue path and high path) click here!

Infiorata: The Flower Carpets Of Italy!

Posted by on in Italy


Spring Has Sprung

Every year across Italy, artists create beautiful mosaics made of flower petals along the streets of the towns. The infiorata, or flower art festival, takes place in late May or June, depending on the location. The designs range from simple flower patterns to elaborate tapestries covering several kilometres. The flowers are grown especially for the event.

Infioratas have religious significance, as they often take place nine weeks after Easter on the Sunday of Corpus Domini, also known as the Feast of Corpus Christi. Many of the floral displays are situated outside Italian churches. However, there is also an air of festivity, due to the celebration of the town’s culture and the changing of the seasons.

travel social media airplane

If there’s one benefit to social media, it’s that it makes it easier to stay put. After all, why venture outside the comfortable confines of your warm and snug home if you can tweet, Facebook and Instagram your way to a full and rollicking social life or build your professional network while seeking new job opportunities on LinkedIn?

Social media makes sitting around so easy that many people forget how easy it is to use while traveling, too. In fact, social media not only provides a fun distraction while you’re waiting in line at the airport, but also, it offers you an opportunity to be more productive while you’re on the road. Let’s take a closer look at what it means to merge social media with travel and get the most bang for your buck out of both endeavors in 2013.

Amazing Photos from Cinque Terre!

Posted by on in Cinque Terre


All Thanks goes to Danielle Buys for providing us with these beautiful shots from Cinque Terre. Find out more photographies in her blog.



Are you looking forward to take your family on a vacation but are on a tight budget? Well guess what-you can actually bring your family to a fantastic holiday treat for $500 or less! It’s actually all about the proper planning and selecting the kind of vacation you want to take; by making the right choices you are able to give your folks a memorable getaway under such a small budget.

If you’re curious about how to do this, then here’s a step-by-step guide:


When you're going to a foreign country, you are presented with a whole host of different options when it comes to getting your hands on the right currency. Working out which method suits your needs best can be a minefield, as can calculating whether you're getting the best deal.

What are the pros and cons of foreign currency?

Foreign currency might just be the most convenient way to pay for tickets to attractions and restaurant trips while you're abroad. You'd be hard pressed to find an establishment that doesn't accept notes and coins, after all.


Italy is one of the ultimate destinations for anyone planning a camping holiday in Europe. It may not have the most campsites, but it arguably has some of the most beautiful settings that you could hope to find if you want to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know to plan your perfect camping holiday in Italy:

Guided Walking Through The Cinque Terre

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The Cinque Terre is a rugged coastal area along the Italian Riviera and is situated in the region of Liguria - Italy, towards the West of a city known as La Spezia. The coastline, along with five villages all make up the Cinque Terre National Park. This guided walking tour takes place within and surrounding the five villages, as well as the Portofino and Portovenere towns. During your walk you will be following well established trails, going through a range of colorful villages, and you will have enough time to explore, shop and savor the view from a seaside cafe (Image Source).

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