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Biking Escapade Around Cinque Terre

Touring around the village is one of the famous activities that Cinque Terre’s foreign visitors or even its neighboring locals.

The biking trails weaves in and out of the National Park of Cinque Terre. Though the road or the trails are not that ordinary, what most tourists go for in Cinque Terre is the beach. So, many companies reap the advantages of the tourist queue.

However, for those tourists or locals who wish to explore the renowned bike trails of Cinque Terre are entertained by the authorities that manage and decide who enters the bike trails.

The committee that holds over the bike trails is the same committee that manages the National Park. They can help any tourist wanting to rent a bike or find a bike rental company to the customer’s comfort.

It is because of the program pursued by the authorities that made it possible to make these trails available to be explored by the tourist. It gives the tourist a wide range of activities to choose from aside from the beach and sights.

The authorities that manages the businesses and welfares of the park has put up tourist information offices in each of the five villages of Cinque Terre. They had, also put up bike rentals on each of the tourist information offices, where you could avail bike rentals for an affordable price.

When you have a Cinque Terre card, you can access all the hiking passageways and biking throughout the National Park. This is a big addition to Cinque Terre’s activities, including using the train or the boats to discover what lies inside Cinque Terre. Visit the villages of Cinque Terre

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