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Agriturismo Cinque Terre and Liguria

farma1There is a lot to be seen and done within the Cinque Terre regions; many travel to this Italian Rivera to take in the views of the mountainous terrains, overflowing vineyards and medieval castles. Some however come specifically to embark on an Agriturismo hiatus. For those who have not yet experienced this, it may just be a worthy goal.

Agriturismo is an Italian word for what is referred to as a ‘farm holiday’ or tourist endeavors that are experienced within the confines of agriculture. Most vacationers are unfamiliar with this term, as working on a farm seems less than a stellar idea; but an Agriturismo getaway has nothing to do with milking cows or crowing with the roosters!

An Agriturismo Cinque Terre is perfect for vacationers who want to learn and experience a fun filled but relaxing atmosphere within the country or rural areas of the Cinque Terre. Many of the Agriturismo villas one would stay in are true working and producing farms and the experience can be exceptional.

Those who embark on an Agriturismo can enjoy picturesque views of the countryside where waking up to birds singing and sitting outside on the porch under the stars is just the beginning. Almost always the Agriturismo that one books to lodge in will include lots of lesser common activities to partake in.

Some of these activities include walking or hiking around the fields on the premises, horseback riding and wine tastings lead by the owners of the villa you are staying in. Guided tours are also common, as are lessons and tutorials about farmhouses and the way of life that it includes. Some of the Agriturismo dwellings also offer a range of cooking classes using the fresh farming ingredients that are plucked from the farm itself. The idea here is that your vacation is restful and peaceful; in a sense, being one with nature and all it has to offer.

Most tourists who choose to stay in an Agriturismo villa don’t plan to leave the general area. These places are outside the city limits and therefore there isn’t much to do as far as nightlife entertainment. There is also a lack of public transportation nearby. Thus, if you believe that while staying in an Agriturismo you may want to pop into town, it is recommended that you inquire about car rentals as you will need one to go in and out of town and neighboring cities.

farma2While some Agriturismo renters do offer transportation to their guests and few are near train or bus stations, if making day trips into town is a goal, you will want to find out what the transportation options are beforehand.

The cost to stay at an Agriturismo in Cinque Terre and Liguria differs widely. Some can be expensive, while others are rather cheap and is usually dependent upon the luxuries offered, meals that are included and the bedroom facilities. If you are seeking out an Agriturismo to stay in you can do this by checking out local listings under Agriturismo; also look for ‘hostels’ as many of these farmhouse stays list themselves under that name as well. The hostel stays are frequently cheaper than most hotels within the area and many offer private bedrooms. If it is an Agriturismo listed in hostels the resource will specifically state that it is an Agriturismo rental.

For those looking for an Agriturismo within the Cinque Terre and Liguria area, there are plenty to choose from.

Agriturismo Villanova is technically in Levanto (Map), but is situated high on a steep cliff and outside the town’s limits. If you plan to do some day trips while staying here a car is necessary to get about. Many that stay here describe it as an oasis like setting with fabulous cuisine and beautiful landscaping. There are also cooking classes given by the Agriturismo owners. Look for rates and availability here.

villanova2 villanova3

Agriturismo I Pipetta (located in Legnaro - Levanto) is also much visited and adored by travelers. Here you will find a modern version that is complete with amenities such as a dishwasher, microwave, laundering facilities and other appliances. The capacity here is 9 people so if you are looking for a private place to lay your head that’s not too crowded, this is a good selection. Nearby activities include cinemas, horseback riding, beaches (with diving and boating) and some shopping. Look for rates and availability here.

I Pipetta1 I Pipetta3

Agriturismo Uliveto nel Parco located in neighboring Monterosso al Mare (Map) just a few kilometers from Levanto also has a lot of offer. The surrounding farmland is covered with lemon and orange trees and the views are spectacular. For a relaxing vacation where hiking and cooking are on the docket, here is a place you want to consider staying. The rooms are all spacious and cleanly and the food is amazing. One can walk to town if they so choose for some nightlife entertainment or to do a little shopping. 

Uliveto nel Parco3 Uliveto nel Parco4

Agriturismo Sostio A Levante (Map) can offer you comfortable rooms, a solarium, meeting rooms, and a TV room. It is situated in a particular working farm which is 400 m above sea level. You can also reach Framura town centre in just 10 minutes from here. Sostio A Levante offers tranquility and peace where you can have your relaxation and sit for a moment. It offers Wi-Fi connection and you can feel more at home as it offers pet-friendly policy. So, if you are travelling in town with your friends and family, this bed and breakfast is a must place to visit. Look for rates and availability here

sostio2 sostio1

Agriturismo LUlivo e IL Mare is located at Localita Crova (Map) which is only 4 Km away from the sea. Its location is ideal for people who want to enjoy the scenery of the beautiful sea and green bush. From this location, you can easily go to Moneglia’s centre where you can find every tourist service or any kind of shop. At Agriturismo LUlivo e IL Mare, every guest is offered with modern comforts, but the essence of the old structure of the farm is maintained where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Moneglia’s gulf and find lots of olive trees. Look for rates and availability here

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