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Vividly Vernazza!! 

The name Vernazza derived from the Latino adjective verna which means ‘native.’ Vernazza is one of the five towns that sum-up the region of Cinque Terre in Northern Italy (see the map below).




This is a picturesque village that shows the classic architecture that is typical of these five towns. Vernazza has a quaint little harbor that highlights all of the fishing boats moving in and out as the sun dances on the sea. There are also historical sites that feature castles and churches that are representative of the classic Italian vacation getaway. Although the town experienced a natural disaster in 2011, when torrential rains led to massive flooding in the town, it has since recovered and each year welcomes thousands of tourists.

Dated back to 1000 AD, Vernazza harbors on the Mediterranean cliffs. Its abundant hiking trails allow for easy access to the nearby villages. Blessed with zero automobile traffic, this village truly remains one of the most significant fishing villages of the Italian Riviera. Their fishing village culture brings out more character with their tiny shops, cafes, stoned cobble roads, and bright colorful houses. These are engulfed by beautiful olive groves, helping to produce some of the finest olive oil. Wish to learn more about the history of Italy or a day in the life of an active fishing village? Take a trip to Vernazza!!

Vernazza also has an overwhelming history…

Within the last two centuries this village became pivotal in Genova's conquest of Liguria by assisting with fleets, ports, and trained soldiers. In the year 1209, as many as 90 of the most influential families of Vernazza pledged their allegiances towards the Genova Republic. In the dominant 1400, Vernazza paid heed in its defense against the dastardly and intolerable raids by the pirates; they did this by building a huge wall.

And like many other inhabitants of Cinque Terre villages during mid 1600s, the area was subjected to a period of decline which tremendously affected its wine produce and invariably dragged the harbor molo and the trail system construction. It took a long time for this village to stabilize, re-vitalize its commercial state and get back on its feet, but the 1800s produced this much needed change. Good constructions, setting naval bases and the population increasing considerably helped to combat issues and develop its commerce.

A city you will never forget...


Santa Margherita d'Antichia – A church you just can’t miss in this village. It brings visitors and locals back to the early 14th century, and features an Octagonal bell tower, two aisles and a nave. While in Vernazza , walk up those steep hills, and embark on that broad pathway leading to the Nostra Signora Di Reggio’s shrine.

This is synonymous to a significant history once told in Italy. Mesmerizing views of the nearby Mediterranean Sea and the vineyard around the open park area, leaves one spell bound. If you are a trekking addict, you are in luck. Take the trekking trail from Vernazza to Corniglia (yet another village in Cinque Terre). The Vernazza Castle now stands open to public and can be viewed while trekking on this path.

Typically, June, July, and August brings thousands of tourists to this beautiful village. Climatically, the summers in Vernazza average temperatures of about mid 80s, where as the winters may drop as low as 40s. Vernazza during winters rarely   drops below the freezing point.

It is unquestionably a ‘World Heritage site’ - UNESCO

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