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Magnificent Monterosso!!

Monterosso is the western most beautiful town (village) in the province of La Spezia, in the Liguria region in Northern Italy (see the map below). It’s amongst the four other villages of Cinque Terre. This village is engulfed by hills and covered with olive groves, famous lemon trees and vineyards. Because of its sandy beaches and rich history, Monterosso is the most popular tourist attraction in the region. It also has the biggest hotels and it can be quite a tourist trap if you visit at the wrong time of year.


Apparently, most inhabitants are owners of tiny land plots which are rich in cultivation for their orange trees, agave cactus, vegetables and poultry. Ironically, many tourists overrun or fail to reach out to this piece of heaven; hence little has changed over the years in this traditional village. This village is home to breathtaking beaches, crystalline flowing rivers and cliffs that are ruggedly steep.

Monterosso is rich with its history too... 

In the year 1016 approximately, the dangers from various Saracen invasions diminished after many years. And since this threat abated these inhabitants and villagers, they came down towards the sea in Monterosso from the hills of Albareto. 1254 was the year when the castle in Genoa was restored by Pisa, however after a short while the final re-conquest of Genoa happened. For many years, the people of Monterosso, because of its coastal positioning and association with the sea, experienced trouble. These villagers were perennially tormented by various invaders and pirates who took advantage of this villages’ strategic position.

Even now, indelible signs of the previous exertions remain. On the hill of San Cristoforo, the Aurora tower (along the Fegina beach) dissects this new part of the village from the old hamlet. The Older Monterosso is monopolized by the castles’ ruins and typified by the tower houses of the narrow medieval streets crossed by the ‘Carruggi.’ Today only three towers of the 13 towers from the XVI century remain. The Aurora tower that over-looked the sea and the medieval tower were both altered in the St. Giovanni Battista parish to a Bell Tower. Monterosso has the largest, sandiest beaches in Cinque Terre.

Like most of Cinque Terre, Monterosso, also offers a peaceful climate, mild sunny summers that can get hot at times but not excessively humid. Constant temperatures are fairly stabilized and the winters are bearable, thanks to the Ligurian Sea. The northern winds are combated by the mountains of Apennine. Alternatively, its exposure to the southern winds enables one to experience wonderful sea storms. So all in all, the climate is pretty enviable.


The versatility and its culture make this place an ideal getaway! With its contemporary restaurants, rich culture and lavish resorts you are in for that one well deserved holiday. You can engage in some good trekking along cliff-side pathways, party or chill out on the best beaches of the Italian Riviera.

Monterosso, truly a ‘World Heritage site’!!

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