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What to See and Do in Vernazza

Vernazza if you have not noticed is that one town that is often seen on postcards. With its picturesque, tall, pastel colored houses, jostling as they curl around their natural harbor and open off Piazza Marconi, and is loaded with café bars and restaurant tables. What a view!

The houses look like a stack piled up the hillside forming a beautiful stony tower-castle, and is perched on the rocky promontory; quite a beautiful scene to see.

Hiking is of course the biggest attraction here but there are also many other activities to partake in as well.

Chiesa di Santa Margherita d'Antiochia:

Santa Margherita d'Antiochia built with sandstones is a local church. It’s said to be one of the most important historical monuments situated on Piazza Marconi. It’s known for indicating style, which was characterized to the 12th century. The Gothic church has an elegant campanile and overlooks the small harbor of Vernazza.

The Forte:

The Forte is also worthy of a visit. Located on a point in Vernazza, overlooking the harbor and village, the sights from the tower are breathtaking. Getting there is not easy; it’s a steep up-climb from the main square and has a lot of winding steps between. It feels divine once you’re there, and the journey is worth it. Visitors can pay a Euro and be privy to the most remarkable views this area has to offer as well as create some lifelong memories. Don’t forget your camera and know that it is closed on Tuesdays.

The Harbor:

Vernazza HarborPhoto from willtenneyphotos

Vernazza's harbor is quite small and very beautiful, with a semi-circular pier. It is a wonderful place to just sit and watch people. You will see many visitors soaking up the sun around the walls of the harbor. On a hot, sunny afternoon the pier gets cramped with visitors chilling out post their tiring hikes through Cinque Terre.

It’s situated just in front of the Church of Santa Margherita and the very busy main-square.

Castello Doria:

Castle Doria is absolutely impossible to miss out on. It is located above the harbor and was built by the Doria family, back then the most influential family in town. Don’t miss the climb up this tower as it offers a magnificent view. There are associated fees for visiting.

Piazza Marconi:

It is a fabulous town square right at the center of the harbor. It’s engulfed by restaurants and houses and is a favored place to sit, relax and have a snack while taking in the various views.


To the right and left side of Piazza Marconi and Main Street you will find the Caruggi. These are small steps forming something like a labyrinth. It stays pleasant in the evenings. A lovely place to catch some glimpses of the daily life of these villagers, or their business and how they stroll and stop in a doorway.

Tuesday Markets:

Vernazza’s business center is open on Tuesday mornings, 8:00am to 13:00 pm, when a meager trail of vehicles pulls into this village, for a tail-gate market. Locals and visitors alike enjoy all the local products sold here, some at very reasonable prices. It is a must visit location and a great place to wander about and take in the local culture, gifts and handmade items.

Renting a boat:

Here you may rent small motor-boats and canoes from the stands on the harbor for a mini cruise. With renting a boat one can reach a tiny water-fall in between Monterosso and Vernazza. Locals of the area have named it their ‘laguna blu.’

Bus Shuttle ride:

For an inexpensive and beautiful joyride along with a slight chance of a tete-e-tete about their customs and cultures with their locals feels amazing! The driver rides the shuttle, right from the top of the town down towards the hamlets San Bernadino and the sanctuaries and Reggio and then back.

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