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Cost of Leaving in Cinque Terre

The cost of living in Cinque Terre is fairly comparable to any other place not only in Italy but in other parts of Europe. For a normal and acceptable sized flat with at least one bedroom, one can expect to pay out about 500-700 Euros per month, which is the average anywhere in Italy unless you choose to live in Rome and other metropolis cities where the cost of living is much higher.

What may make the Cinque Terre appear more expensive however is that the salaries paid to workers are considerably lower than in other regions of Italy. One average a worker in Cinque Terre or somewhere close to this region will earn about 1200 Euros per month. So taking into consideration that up to as much as 700 of those Euros will go towards rent, some think the cost of living here is high.


Other considerations for the cost of living in Cinque Terre include transportation. Since few own cars because of the rough and narrow terrains, a fee is charged to use the public transportation. A bus or metro 30 minute transportation ticket costs 1.5 Euros while taxi services start at 4 Euros and go as high as 5 Euros per ride. If one needs to commute daily, this can be an added expense that needs to be accounted for.

Heating costs can also add up but are still reasonable when compared to all parts of Europe. Currently the cost of electricity is 0.118690/kWh and the cost of gas is .12147378/mc. For an average user of both or either of those, one can expect to pay anywhere from 300-450 Euros per month to heat their home and cook or shower.

The water costs are a bit high but the standard cost is 1 euro/mc for the first 20 mc and then after that increases to 1.73 Euros/mc.

Trash and waste removal also has an associated fee which varies but on average will run you 75 Euros per year or 6.25 Euros per month.

Of course no one can live without eating and depending on what types of food you like your grocery bill will also fluctuate. Mainstream foods such as pasta are fairly inexpensive as is milk and eggs. Meat and fresh veggies will run a little more but you can save Euros by purchasing supplies from local farm stands.

Healthcare however here is free so that will save you a lot of money. Then you need to figure in things like entertainment and Internet service if you want it which is about 100 Euros every three months or so.

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