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Cinque Terre Weather

The climate and weather conditions are favourable for travel throughout the year, and visitors can enjoy the leisure of travelling to Cinque Terre during nearly all of the 12 months. The hottest upscale temperatures are recorded during the summer in the months of July and August. The average lowest temperatures during the winters are 30 - 40 Fahrenheit (around -1 to +4 Celsius).

The top-range summer temperatures are around 80 Fahrenheit (around 27 Celsuis). The rainfall is typically scattered, and occurs mainly during the seasons of Fall and Spring. The rains are not heavy downpours, and occur usually in the form of small showers once or twice per day during the season. The favourable weather makes Cinque Terre a very good place to travel, and the recommended best time to travel is during the early Fall or the late Spring. August is the busiest month in terms of tourist traffic to the region.






Cinque Terre Average Temprature

January 7.3°C 11.3°C 3.4°C 9
February 8.0°C 12.3°C 3.7°C 7
March 10.1°C 14.6°C 5.6°C 7
April 12.6°C 17.1°C 8.1°C 8
May 16.8°C 21.7°C 11.9°C 7
June 20.2°C 25.2°C 15.2°C 5
July 23.2°C 28.7°C 17.8°C 2
August 23.4°C 28.8°C 17.9°C 4
September 19.8°C 24.9°C 14.8°C 6
October 15.7°C 20.2°C 11.3°C 9
November 11.0°C 15.0°C 7.0°C 8
December 8.2°C 12.1°C 4.4°C 8

* 0° Celcius = 32° Fahrenheit 

Overall the best times to visit and walk the Cinque Terre trails is anytime between March and October for those who are seeking the most comfortable months to embark on the 40K hiking trails. During these months the Apennine Mountains will offer some shelter from the gusty winds that can pick up; these winds however are much needed and appreciated as they tend to keep the air less humid, affording hikers a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the views.

July and August in this region are among the hottest months of the year and are also among the most popular months for tourists to visit. Therefore, it can get humid and crowded so hikers are encouraged to dress lightly and bring along some additional patience as maneuvering on the sometimes steep and populated trails can get challenging.

While spring and fall months lend to lighter air and less humidity, heavy rainfall is quite common during these months and at times the hiking trails may be closed as they can get washed out. During months such as September, the weather is peaked and favorable but visitors will want to check the local weather reports for calling of rain; the same is true in April and May where heavy rainfall is common and some of the trails may be closed. If however the weather holds up, these months are perfect for trail walking as the vineyards are ripe with greenery and quite flush.

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