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Cinque Terre Map

When speaking about the map and location of Cinque Terre, some may be surprised to learn that this area is actually comprised of five small Italian villages which are situated between Genoa and Pisa, hovering next to the rocky face of northwest Italy.

The land is quite breathtaking and vast, stretching far and wide and then meeting up with the nearby seas. - The beautiful and the rocky areas are situated in the coastline on Italian Riviera and are located in the Liguria region of Italy, to the west of the city of La Spezia.

The coastline, the five villages, and the surrounding hillsides are all a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The province itself is quite big (Capital: Genoa, Area total: 5,422 km2 (2,093 sq mi), Population: 1,565,349 Tme Zone: CET UTC+1). You will see from the map that the Cinque Terre National Park is quite smaller than the other natural spots and national parks in the country of Italy. From north to south, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore are five villages that make up Cinque Terre. Also the relative distances between the towns of Cinque Terre are evident from the map and being on the coast line, the region has excellent connectivity with the major ports of Italy and all through the world.

Each of the five villages is all seasides and each trail lends to amazing views for those who wish to embark on a hiking adventure. Hikers can enjoy long walks along the paths which intertwine through vineyards and some steep pillar trails.

There are many printable maps of the Cinque Terre which can provide step by step instructions as to where you can begin your adventure, many of which have trail markers using a numerical system that will guide tourists starting at the Cinque’s High Path which starts at Portovenere and will end at Levanto. Anyone with a passion for nature, landscape and or hiking will surely not want to miss these trails which run throughout each of the villages where there is plenty to see, eat, drink and experience.

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