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Rapallo in Liguria

Rapallo (Map of Rapallo), a city in Liguria which is in the northern part of Italy is home to just over 34,000 people. The distance from Monterosso is 67 km (around 1h with car and 45 mins with train)


Thousands visit Italy each year hoping for new experiences, to see the plush agriculture and to dine in some of the most magnificent restaurants that have the most authentic Italian cuisine around the globe. Nestled between Portofino and Chiavari, it is thought that Rapallo was first inhibited around 8 B.C. and it has seen its share of attacks. Today, some of the town still sits in ruins are those ruins are visited by many people.

If you plan to visit Rapallo, you will not be disappointed. The weather in Rapallo tends to be milder than in other provinces and there is no shortage of things to see and do here. Set against the Italian Riviera, it is a seaport town lines with streets of shopping, mystic castles from earlier centuries and many restaurants. Finding lodging is never problematic either as there are plenty of quaint hotels and brothels to stay in which are reasonably priced. If you’re a Hemingway fan, you can even stay at the Hotel Riviera where he wrote his book, The Cat in the Rain.

Rapallo is also centrally located to the Cinque Terre, a combination of five other coastal towns where hiking is a favorite pastime and the locals make visitors feel right at home. The paths which run over 5K long can be hiked in a couple of days and offer visitors beautiful landscapes, local town heritage and cuisines to enjoy.

Other sights that are must see include the Municipal Tower, erected in 1473 and the Gaffoglio Museum. It is an original Clarisse convent that now holds remains of great value such as ivory and gold.

For another piece of history with a boardwalk feel visit the Seaside Promenade. This is a spectacular area that bends around the harbor and is lined with palm trees, not to mention offers one of a kind architectural buildings and lots of restaurants. During the warmer months visitors can often perch on the verandas and enjoy the sounds of local musicians, taking in the warm breezes.


Getting around Rapallo is easy as the rail runs all along the sea’s border and one can travel from Rome to Ventimiglia and hit every desired location in between.

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