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Portofino in Italy!

One of the biggest celebrity resorts in Italy. Portofino (Map of Portofino). It is world-renowned for its luxurious, yet warm and inviting atmosphere. You don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy your stay. Portofino is the best vacation spot for anyone who loves scenic Italian villages, harbors, iconic cafes, restaurants, with great little shoreline beaches. There’s lot’s to see and do in this cherished port. The distance from Cinque Terre is around 74 km (around 1h and 15 mins with car and 45 mins with train).



Portofino is located on the peninsula of Tigulilo Golf in Liguria, part of the famous Italian Riviera. Nearby villages of Camogli and Santa Margherita, also worth visiting provide familiar sights and sounds, each with their own unique personalities.


Brief History of Portofino

The ancient Romans coined Portofino as the Port of the Dolphin because of the very friendly number of dolphins that live in the Tigullian Gulf. From thereafter, it has passed hands through various rulers, namely the Republic of Genoa, before it landed in the hands of the Kingdom of Sardina, which later became the Kingdom of Italy.

Portofino has progressively become more and more known for the wealthy and famous’ tourist spot, starting with British aristocrats. Eventually, those who frequently visited Portofino, wanted to call this little charming village home and began building posh vacation homes and the waterfront properties exploaded until the tourism industry took over the number one spot as Portofino’s top producer in the 1950’s.



Where to Eat and Places to Visit in Portofino

Hop on the ferries and get to Portofino from Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, and Camogli, from late spring through early fall. You can also choose to go by boat from Genoa or any of the other Italian riviera towns to the south. If you prefer to travel by train, which many people enjoy while traveling in scenic countries like Italy, the closest train stations are in Santa Margherita Ligure and Camogli; conversely, there’s also a bus that leaves for Portofino just outside the Santa Margherita station. Make note that Portofino is generally automobile-free, however you could attempt drive the narrow, windy road close to the village where there is a small parking lot. In summer, it's usually very crowded, and driving and parking can be difficult, so it’s not really a recommended means of travel.

Prepare to fall in Love

Once you arrive in Portofino, you will find there are many places to dine on fresh, top-quality seafood, especially. Many restaurants contain some delicious Genoa-based dishes like traditional minestrone. For the most part, you can find lots of really affordable things to do while in Portofino, like hiking, beach activities, and so on, however, if you want to really enjoy all there is to offer, you should expect to spend more than you usually would in most cities in Italy. The best restaurants are along the harbor and do charge a high premium for both the quality of food and the scenic location. Same goes for hotels, of course, but there really is no bad place to stay in Portofino.

Once you step out of Portofino, you’ll end up immediately adding it to your places to revisit. Even if you don’t have a million bucks, it will make you feel like you do. Between the people, the food, the sea, the iconic buildings, landscape, and great wine, you’ll know why the rich and famous choose Portofino over so many other great towns in Italy.


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