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The city of La Spezia is located in the Liguria region which is the northern hemisphere of Italy and directly sandwiched between Genoa and Pisa. Is the capital city of the province of La Spezia. The city’s history dates back to prehistoric times of the Romans and is well known for its pristine and empiric buildings and churches and museums. Those who visit La Spezia usually comment on the locale’s weather; the summers tend to be very hot in the months of July through August, warm and enjoyable during the winter months of November through Jan and unpredictable and rainy in the spring months the rest of the year...

If you are planning a visit to La Spezia it is recommended to visit during the summer and winter, as the spring months bring a lot of rain which can make hiking the trails and transporting from town to town extremely difficult, if not impossible depending on the amount of rainfall.

While in La Spezia there is no shortage of things to do and certainly there are some must see sights. Some of the things not to be missed include:

Cristo Re dei Secoli which is a church that was erected by Adalberto Libera. The cathedral ceilings and décor are truly breathtaking.

Also wonderful to visit is the 13th century Abbey church of Santa Maria Assunta. Inside you will marvel at the architecture as well as the artwork collections which are swapped out now and again and include some original paintings by Giovanni Battista Casoni.

A visit to La Spezia would also not be complete without visiting a few or all of the local museums such as the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Ethnographic Civic Museum and the National Transportation Museum among many others.

The Museo Amedeo Lia is a museum that hosts 17th century fine art and includes work by the infamous Pietro Lorenzetti as well as many others.

Within the city there are also a few castles that are noteworthy, some of which are still standing but in ruins which only adds to their mystique. Such castles include Castle of San Giorgio which has been restored and refurbished and originally build by Niccolò Fieschi in 1262. This castle has much history attached to it and should not be missed.

For those who are looking for a shopping experience while walking and taking in the scenery a must do is visiting The Market Place. Located a mere 10 minutes walking distance from the train, the streets are original cobblestone and the town is abuzz with activity. Here you can walk up and down the streets, learn about the history and culture of La Spezia and eat at one of the many local cafes.


For sea faring and adoring folks taking a stroll to the Museo Tecnico Navale is a highlight not to be missed if you wish to see models of some of Italy’s most fantastic and amazing ships and cargo. The navel museum was founded in 1870 and is a favorite tourist spot today.

Castello di San Giorgio is a fine place to visit to see some ancient artifacts that date back to medieval and prehistoric times. During some times of the year oyu can also enjoy a guided tour of the area and get a short history lesson.

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