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The name spells out its immense attraction and beauty, and yes, it has been a great harbor of some of the best, most celebrated poets: The likes of Lawrence Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelly and Dickens. Just like other legendary artists, these poets found unimaginable inspiration from the deep blue sea, the sun drenched beaches, the all-natural scenery and the enthralling Gulf atmosphere.

This Gulf stirs up inspiration, excitement, and the so much needed peace and calm. The Gulf of Spezia, an extensive, deep bay in the famous Ligurian Sea, is approximately 4.5 Kilometers long.

The Gulf of poets is laden with This home of poetry, also Gulf of Spezia, possesses intriguing hamlets, fascinating hills, and beyond all that beauty, the small, compelling, eye-catching villages: San Terenzo, Lerici, Fiascherino, Tellaro, Portovenere, Campiglia, and of course, the stunning La Spezia (the capital city of the province of La Spezia).

  • La Spezia (See Here for more information and accommodations about La Spezia) (Map)


Image Credit: flickr.com/photos/mr-beiza/

La Spezia is a beautiful, vibrant city, whose fascinating sea blends remarkably well with the stunning mountains. La Spezia, unlike the other traditional Ligurian coastal villages, has incredible holiday getaways and sophisticated tourist destination packages to offer. If the all-natural, fascinating gardens doesn’t intrigue you, then the colorful streets full of bergamot trees certainly will!

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  • Lerici (See the Map)


Image Credit: flickr.com/photos/newformula/

Lerici (known as the “Pearl of the Gulf of Poets”) remarkably the largest Ligurian village, is situated right across the bay from the renowned Portovenere, precisely on the eastern end of the Poet’s Gulf or Gulf of Spezia. Lerici lies only a considerably small walking distance from San Terenzo, and more interestingly, there exist small hiking trail to other Ligurian villages such as Fiascerino, Tellaro and Campiglia. Lerici is a stunning, vibrant, most populated village, and its magnificent 16th century castle, its fascinating villas, its beautiful gardens and its exhilarating beaches tell it all! Lerici offers every traveler something enthralling: The amazing sea, the incredible cuisine, the brilliant sunset and the exhilarating atmosphere, which are a real treat! The curvy hiking trails in the enchanting hills are exhilarating to look at, and walking on them is a complete breeze! Often at times, particularly during summer, ferries operate between these Ligurian villages, although boats and walking can always be more intriguing.

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  • Fiascherino (See the Map)


Image Credit: flickr.com/photos/55638925@N00/380486414


Fiascerino, a renowned home of the legendary English writer David Lawrence, is a small, fascinating center situated in a luminous bay between pines, oak, olive trees and beautiful rocks. Fiascerino has close proximity to Lerici, and its pleasant weather makes it the ultimate holiday destination. This relatively small hamlet just outside Lerici offers small, romantic bays, clear blue sea and enchanting, rocky shores. Fiascerino faces three beautiful, small Islands over the water namely: Island del Nino, Island Palmaria and Island del Ninetto. A boat ride through these spectacular Islands is certainly a breathtaking experience. Fiascerino also offers intriguing scenery, and the local Ligurian dishes and the DOC wines are just enthralling. When it comes to Fiascerino nightlife, then you’ll be stunned by the spectacular options available. Fiascerino is a charming Ligurian village, and sure enough, it offers everything any traveler requires.

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  • Portovenere (See Here for more information and accommodations about Portovenere)


Image Credit: flickr.com/photos/ondablv

Portovenere is a medieval village that not only boasts its fascinating architecture, but also its stunning all-natural scenery. A visit or holiday in Portovenere is guaranteed to be an enthralling one, particularly with all the beaches, blue sea, the rugged coast, and the fun!


  • Tellaro (See the Map)


Image Credit:flickr.com/photos/13748147@N02/4510633848

Tellaro, located on the promontory of the beautiful Gulf of Bocca dimagra, is a fascinating sea village not only because of its intriguing architecture, but also because its proximity to a beautiful long quip and stunning beaches. Tellaro, around 5Km from Lerici, is a charming village that has not let go of the traditional Ligurian culture, and certainly, it’s a bit laid back and ancient than the other villages. Tellaro, which was recently listed and awarded as one of the most intriguing and beautiful villages in
Italy; offers tourists the much needed seclusion and peace. Tellaro, like all the other Ligurian villages, offers outstanding restaurants with tasty, lucrative Italian cuisines. Tellaro has narrow passages and alleyways, which I must say, are intriguing to get lost in. The Oratory of San Maria, Tellaro, offers spectacular panoramic views of Tellaro and the Ligurian coast. Everything in Tellaro just seems to have an enchanting charm, and yes, it’s worth a visit!

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  • Campiglia (See the Map)

Campiglia, a stunning village situated in the hills, precisely, to the east of the Gulf of Spezia. It’s one of the oldest, highest and most intriguing villages in the Spezia Gulf, particularly because of its somewhat hidden location. Campiglia has close proximity to Cinque Terre, and its location makes it the highest Ligurian village in the municipality. This charming village, which initially served as an incredible hideout for families evading pirate invasions, is renowned for its vineyard cultivation, given its remarkably fertile land. Santa Caterina de Alessandria is an 18th century Ligurian church, and although its current compelling architecture can be attributes to recent reconstruction, the church still maintains its originality and tradition. Off the church square, there are roads leading to other Ligurian villages. Campiglia has all the fascinating sites and the peace to make a holiday worthwhile.


  • San Terenzo (See the Map)


Image Credit: flickr.com/photos/25644479@N05/4982692401

San Terenzo lies at the far west of the Lerici bay, and unbelievably, 2 miles from Lerici village. San Terenzo’s beauty is evident, with its magnificent park, full of fascinating pines and oak trees, on one end and its medividal castle on the other. San Terenzo, initially Portiolo, still prides itself in being a fisherman’s village, and even though its residents have incorporated a little modernity into their village lifestyle, they still hold their Italian Ligure with uttermost significance. San Terenzo is a beautiful, populated village that spells out its Italian Ligure. This village flaunts its old origins, multi-colored houses, the stunning deep sea, the enchanting green hills and the beautiful beaches. San Terenzo is also popular for its Castle, which hosts compelling cultural shows and overwhelming art exhibitions. An in depth look at this wonderful village from its castle pronounces its panoramic view and fascinating scenery, which is just an enthralling sight for any traveler.



The Gulf of Spezia has been labeled the coast of poets, and sure enough, its evocative, unique nature tells it all. The stunning villages, the fascinating beaches, the intriguing scenery and the amazing Italian culture make a holiday in The Gulf of Poets worthwhile.

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