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What to See and Do in Riomaggiore

The beautiful town of Riomaggiore rises in between two almost broken hills that slope right in to the water. There was once a river that ran through the valley which was “Riomaggiore,” hence the name. The place is very famous to start a trek but has its roots in the history with some places of must visit.

Torre Guardiola:

Monterosso Beach: Soaking up the sun, random lazing around or swimming in the sea or strolling around is something that is very common at this beach. Despite being a grey pebbly beach, it’s a renowned place for some good sun bathing and worshiping. It is one of the largest and most frequented beaches of Cinque Terre and not surprisingly one of the most crowded too. In exchange of a few Euros you can have access to a few sun-loungers or a hut to change or a small private shower area.

 Church of St Giovanni Battista:

It was founded in the highest part of the town. It was completely built in Gothic style by Bishop Antonio Fieschi. The church’s interior is divided into two side aisles and a nave. The most beautiful must see of this interior includes a gorgeous wooden crucifix and an organ. An absolute must watch whilst you are in Riomaggiore.

Castle of Riomaggiore:

riomaggiore castle

One can head to this place by climbing the coarse, steep roads from the rail station. Marquis Turcotti, was the owner of this area in 2060 and worked on the fortification, finally selling it to Niccolò Fieschi who in turn passed it over to the city of Genoa. Having a square base, with the long sides that overlook the sea, the outer walls have two towers that are circular. In time the castle has been renovated and until few years ago, the internal part of the fortress housed the town cemetery. The castle divides the two little valleys of Rio Finale and Rio Maggire to get a panoramic view.

 Church of the Confraternita dell’Assunta

This is a 16th century, Oratory of the Disciplinati. In its exterior there is a marble corner-stone that dates back into 1476. When you get inside you will spot a 15th century Madonna with Child found between St. Giovanni and St. Domenico in the form of a triptych. Don’t miss seeing the wooden statue of the Madonna of the Chains here.

The Oratory of San Rocco:

This can be found next to the castle, on the Cerricò hill. It was built after the spread of the plague with St. Rocco carving that depicts him suffering the disease. There is a triptych representing the Madonna with the Child and saints inside the Oratory.

The Tower Houses of Riomaggiore:

Characterized by the typical medieval age, these tower houses were called torri. These are extremely narrow and characterized Riomaggiore entirely with slate roofs and colored facades. The typical pattern of these houses creates light and shadow effects that have enticed many artists. The finest examples of these must see tower houses are spotted downwards towards to the boat harbor.

This very first town of the region of Cinque Terre- Riomaggiore, has even seduced many artists into becoming permanent residents of this place. You can now imagine the charisma of this place! Enjoy your stay here.

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