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Bar and Restaurants in Riomaggiore

This lovely village climbs up along the ridges that overlook the water and is characterized by the typical sand-stone colored homes with slate-roofs. Here visitors will be enticed by lots of things worthy of visiting.  

Amidst the traditional products, you can find many options of white dry wine and of course “Sciacchetrà” – which is the wine specialty of the Cinque Terre region. This is their world famous wine and it is made by grape-vines from ‘Fermentino’, ‘Bosco’, and ‘Albarola’ grapes. Sciacchetrà is a fine wine in which you get two selections: sweet or strong sweet.

If you are a taster you can easily recognize the wine by its amber reflected yellow-golden color and the aroma of acacia honey and apricot.

The origin of the word ‘Sciacchetrà’ came from Ligurian dialect, more precisely from the word - sciac which means - press the grapevines

When discussing the typical food of Riomaggiore, you must know that there are no traditionally typical dishes belonging just to this town. The tradition is fairly common to all five towns of Cinque Terre and you can choose among the famous Trofie al Pesto which is present in the entire Riviera; but in Riomaggiore, you are capable of finding them made with chestnut flour. The quiches and the fish, mostly tuna, are most famous. Also widely loved are the bread coated fried anchovies and white bait-fry.

Apart from this some of the famous restaurants in the vicinity are:

Ristorante la Lampara: (Via Malborghetto, Riomaggiore)

Trattoria La Laterna: (Via San Giacomo, 46 19017  Riomaggiore (SP). Tel: +39 0187 920589)La Lanterna opens up on to the marina of Riomaggiore just a few steps from the sea.

Trattoria La Laterna

Enoteca dau Cila:   (Via S. Giacomo, 65 19017 Riomaggiore (SP). Tel: +39 0187 760032) Restaurant, wine cellar and bar.

Enoteca du Cila

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