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The Cinque Terre National Park and Protected Marine Area

cinque terre national park1One of the famous destinations and internationally recognized places to be must visited in Italy is the Cinque Terre national park and the adjoined Protected Marine area in Cinque Terre area of Italy. The Cinque Terre Park is a UNESCO world Heritage site and is home to many exotic species in the world. It is the tourists’ most delightful place in terms of exotic nature in Italy.

The National park covers a total of 4300 acres and the nearby five chief villages are the most densely populated in Italy with an overall population of 5000 residents among their entirety. The most visited sites in terms of the villages are the villages of Manarola, Riomaggiore, Monterosso al Mare and Vernazza.

The area has been changed by the residents naturally throughout the decades covering two centuries which has resulted in it being the first man made Natural Park. The slopes and mountainous area has been somewhat converted into cultivable and fairly smoother plains.

This is the only reason why the national park has a lot of historical and cultural importance and is listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

The area of the Cinque Terre protected Marine region was set up by the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on 12th December in the year 1997. The region is well maintained and is abide by chiefly the two laws and regulations of the provision to the protection of the area. The visitors are guided well inside the national park in their trips and it is one of the very famous regions flocked by tourists all over the world throughout the year. The cultural biodiversity and richness in the wildlife has made this national park very famous among the locals as well as the international tourists in Italy.

The day trips in the Cinque Terre national park are very famous among the travellers and tourists as they can enjoy the biodiversity and the greenery among the nature’s bliss while being so close to the seacoast. The daytrips are regularly organized from all the five villages in the Cinque Terre region helping the tourist to discover the area starting from any of their favourite points. The tour is amazingly exotica and breathtaking. The tourists have rated the national park very highly and have praised it a lot in the world wide consortium.

The Cinque Terre National Park: Four Fantastic Facets

cinque terre national park2 Without a doubt, the Cinque Terre National Park has enthralled many throughout the world. This is actually why it remains a popular destination despite having been devastated by massive floods a couple of years ago. Well, those who have just recently stumbled upon details about such an impressive tourist destination would probably have one question in mind: what are the Italian world heritage site’s most remarkable facets?

The Romantic Mystique

When couples choose among various tourist destinations, they usually end up traveling to the one that offers a unique romantic experience. Cinque Terre is home to the Locks of Via dell’Amore, which is essentially a place that overlooks the ocean. What makes this particular spot worthy of being appreciated firsthand though is that it is associated with an intriguing tradition: couples who set foot in it and gaze upon the Statue of Lovers must leave behind a lock with their names on it. The lock’s keys would be thrown into the sea as a means of pledging endless love.

Gastronomic Adventure

Aside from being an unforgettable destination for lovers, the Italian tourist spot is also a paradise for the gastronomically inclined. Simply put, it is surrounded by mountains and oceans, which in turn highlights the fact that its locals have always enjoyed flexibility in their culinary pursuits. This is the reason why one-of-a-kind variants of pesto, pancake, and even gelato could be found throughout the place. As a matter of fact, the sheer diversity and quality of grapes in the vacation destination led to the creation of several inimitable wines and brandies.

Well-Preserved History

It is true that some vacation-goers do not pay much attention to taste. Instead, they want to be intellectually stimulated, especially in relation to their knowledge of history and culture. Well, such individuals will not be disappointed if ever they would choose to visit the Cinque Terre National Park since it features a number of churches that have remained standing through the centuries. Likewise, more than a few Benedictine monasteries could be found throughout the world heritage site. Most interestingly however, even the homes in the vicinity have stayed unchanged.

Wonderful for Trekking

People who prefer to visit places that offer trekking opportunities would find the Italian tourist spot truly spectacular. Specifically, the Sentiero Azzurro Coastal Path is among the most breathtaking places to explore on foot. Not only does it provide a clear view of the ocean, but it also offers sufficient rest spots to accommodate trekkers of all levels. Two magnificent bars could also be found on the trail, which in turn give vacationists a chance to relax for a while and enjoy the scenery a bit longer before reaching the path’s end.      

All-Around Tourist Spot

As made clear, the world heritage site would perfectly suit four different kinds of tourists: the romance seeker, the taste explorer, the history lover, and the trail traveler. All in all, it would really be safe to say that the Cinque Terre National Park would never fail to satisfy regardless of one’s vacation preferences.

The protected marine area too is very exotic and making a mesmerizing trip for the visitor. The blue Italian Rivera awaits the tourists and stuns them by the scenic beauty of the Italian coast. The marine area is an excellent spot to spend quality leisurely time with family and loved ones when you are on your dream vacation to Italy. Once finished with the sightseeing around, you can enjoy the leisurely period basking in the sun and enjoying you holidays calmly in the lap of the nature. The exotic beauty and the peace giving style of Italy has always been one of its charming features that attract the tourists so much. 

Overall the experience of holidaying in the region of Cinque Terre National park is simply stunning and most rewarding for the mind with its blissful atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

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