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What to See and Do in Monterosso

Monterosso is a charismatic and the most western village in the La Spezia province of the Liguria region in North Italy. It is one of the other four towns of Cinque Terre and is surrounded by hills and scattered with various plantations.

Despite being a small village this place has a lot to seek out and offer. Here are some things you must experience if you’ve missed them previously in Monterosso:

The beach:

Monterosso Beach: Soaking up the sun, random lazing around or swimming in the sea or strolling around is something that is very common at this beach. Despite being a grey pebbly beach, it’s a renowned place for some good sun bathing and worshiping. It is one of the largest and most frequented beaches of Cinque Terre and not surprisingly one of the most crowded too. In exchange of a few Euros you can have access to a few sun-loungers or a hut to change or a small private shower area.


Hiking in Monterosso is a real experience and a half. The fauna and flora around is breathtaking. However, hiking from Monterosso to Vernazza can be a bit tough so watch out. All of Cinque Terre is connected via rocky trails for hiking so take that backpack, wear comfortable shoes and hit the pathway. You can find here a complete Guide for the Blue Path trail (No.2) and High Path (No.1) trail. 

Church of St John Baptist:

Roman styled, Carrara marble constructed with black white horizontal stripes, this one is Italy’s most memorable church! It’s surely worth a few minutes of your Monterosso trip. Do look at the rose windows with twisted carvings. The inside of it looks like a basilica with huge crystal chandeliers. The bell tower in green stones also stands stunningly tall, which was initially a medieval defensive tower.

Monterosso Vecchio:

It is a very beautiful old town of the area with narrow streets, colorfully painted old buildings and is situated through the tunnel from the trains’ station. Various unique local styled shops to spot, with eateries and pedestrian crowd.

Aurora Tower:

This 16th century tower built to protect Monterosso from invaders stands tall on a headland and juts out into the sea. It is a brilliant photo stop. The sight of their beach and the old village from the Torre Aurora are magnificent

 Oratorio Mortis et Orationis:

This is best described as a chapel which counters reformation. With emphasis on special care for widows, fishermen poor and needy, this chapel faces the same square as the Church of St John the Baptist. Its symbol depicts a skull with crossbones and an hourglass.

Piazza Garibaldi:

This is a main square, around the monument of their hero Giuseppe Garibaldi offering ample amount of rest after your hike. With playgrounds and shady benches, this place has a lot to offer.

These are some great places to visit while on your trip to Monterosso; amongst these are The Cemetery of Monterosso and the Headland Walk that join the new town to the old.

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