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What to See and Do in Manarola

Besides admiring the beauty of Manarola and hiking the trails to the other towns, there is a lot more this town offers.

When you arrive at their station via train, you may be required to go underground to get to the main platform there. Then head downwards from the tunnel towards the village. There stands a very pretty art gallery with serendipitous water and oil paintings of the towns of Cinque Terre. Then turn right and get going to the hill, upwards. This road was once a stream, with bridges crossing over, quite like in Venice. About half way further up, there still is an ancient water-wheel and right on top rests the church of St.Lorenzo – Quite something your quenched eyes will witness!!

Here are some more places every tourist would want to visit:

Hike in Manarola:

There is a slightly higher pathway that twirls around Manarola on the northern most side of this town. This will eventually liaise with the trail that is alongside the water. It turns out to be a very scenic walk with stunning glimpses of this charismatic village. There is potentially a lot more to explore from and along this trail like their churches, houses, shrines, vegetables, fruit and grape plantations, cemeteries etc...

San Lorenzo Church:

San Lorenzo Church manarola

 Beautiful in its austerity, the Church of San Lorenzo was built in 1338, has eye popping gothic facades and brilliant paintings of unknown artists inside it. The view you can get from the tiny square before of the church with the whole city and the marina just can’t be missed, and is completely worth that long climb on the side streets. It’s truly an impressive piece of architecture. The church rests on the upper part of the town.


Manarola Cemetery:

Manarola Cemetery is a fascinatingly unusual cemetery unlike most cemeteries with wide open spaces. During Napoleon’s era, it was said that cemeteries usually were not very healthy places, so he ordered them to be built outside cities. Such was the scenario also with Ligurian cemeteries.

The Oratory of the Disciplinati of Manarola:

This stands on the same square of the San Lorenzo church. This oratory goes back to the XV Century. It’s the bell-tower of the Azzurri or Santissima Annunziata. There is also the age old hospital of San Rocco situated there.

Manarola’s harbor:

Manarola’s harbor is a small, rocky cleft in-between the spurs of a hill. This doesn’t have a beach, there is not but just a little space for typical sea-side activities such as swimming or sun-baths, however that does not dither visitors doing so either. This where you can catch the ferries, that run between the five villages of Cinque Terre.

Apart from these there are a few more must do’s in Manarola like taking the vineyard walk or a hillside walk to the park.

So, in a –nutshell, if this town compiled the whole earth, you would be more than glad to live and die there!!

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