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Bar and Restaurants in Manarola

Manarola is a small and picturesque town. With a tumble of colorful buildings above a dramatic harbor, it has a lot to offer. Cliff-diving for beginners is also quite famous here.

Manarola is linked to its next town by the Via dell'Amore or “Walkway of Love.” It is apparently the easiest stretch of the hike. A very beautiful place from where you can also savor a private piece of Mediterranean coastline.

With a lot of scenic beauty and hang out spots, this town does not offer a very happening nightlife, but for food enthusiasts it does have some great eateries to offer!

Here are some famous eating joints that you can visit whilst on your trip to this town.

Trattoria Dal Billy (via Rollandi 122, 19017 Manarola. Tel: 0187 920628):

The restaurant has a very home-like feel to it and is situated high over the village. Here sitting on a little balcony from an open air patio, overlooking the ocean and having a fantastic lunch or dinner is a way of life. Excellent sea food is served and you must try the succulent lobster and their celebrated local dessert wine, Sciacchetra!!

Trattoria Dal BillyTrattoria Dal Billy

Gelateria Cinque Terre (Via Antonio Discovolo 248, Manarola):

This place offers one of the finest and freshest home-made gelatos by Nadia. Situated about half way up above the main street of Manaroloa, one must try their dark chocolate and pistachio gelato; it’s to die for.

Aristide (Via Discovolo, 290, Manarola. Tel: 0187 920000):

Is a wonderful dining place. One can select this restaurant for its covered outdoor seating area and its location on a beautiful piazza right in the heart of Manarola town. For a sumptuous breakfast and also good English speaking staff, this place is a must visit. They offer a wide range of amazing pastries too. It’s got a different café lounge so try their coffee, as it’s quite flavored. Aristide is a family run restaurant in Manarola.

Trattoria Locanda Il Porticciolo (Via Renato Birolli n.92 Manarola. Tel +39.0187.920 083):

Here guests will find good portions of seafood at reasonable prices. The ravioli with lobster is quite a treat and so are their mussels. The restaurant can comfortably accommodate a large group of people and it displays quite an extensive menu with a lot of sea food options. The restaurant has a nice ambience. Guests can dine and feel as though they are sitting outside while actually being protected by large, glass windows. It’s a short walk from Manarola's harbor with a patio that is dimly lit and has roses on the tables. It’s quite a famous food joint.

Trattoria La Scogliera (Via Renato Birolli, 103 – Manarola. Tel:+39 0187 920747)

This place is beautifully located near the center of the village and the beach. It is known for its decent food and the selections are easy on the pockets.

Trattoria La Scogliera

There are quite a few other local restaurants in this town that can satisfy your Italian taste buds.

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