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Arrive in Cinque Terre by Train


  For Shedules and Booking visit the official site of Trenitalia


The Italian train   network is very extensive and robust. Trains are available daily to various destinations in Italy from all of the major cities and hubs in Italy. To reach Cinque Terre from various cities in Italy, like Florence, Rome, Milan, Genoa, or any other city you like, you can select from various categories of trains. The international Eurail and Eurostar trains are the fastest trains to help you reach Cinque Terre. You can board a Eurail and Eurostar train even from outside of Italy on your Europe trip. There are many different types of trains available from the scenic day trip trains to the comfortable night journey trains with sleeping compartments. Depending on your itinerary, you can select the train whose time, starting point and type works best for you.

While inside Italy, you can access trains from all the major cities of Italy and pick up a train from your favourite place to land in Cinque Terre. Trains are available in vast numbers from Genoa, Florence, Milan or Roma as per your needs.

To reach Cinque Terre from Genoa, you can take trains from any of the two major train stations in Genoa - namely, Genoa Plaza and Genoa Brignole. The availability of trains is quite high in number, and they are available throughout the day to facilitate your travel. The usual distance from Cinque to Genoa is about 80 kilometres and with an average speed, your train will take about one and a half hour to reach Cinque Terre from Genoa. The price starting from 6.30 .

train italia

Also, one can take a train from Florence to the town of Cinque Terre. The distance from Florence to Cinque Terre is about 180 kilometres, and the trains can help you reach the destination quickly. The comfortable and timely trains are available most of the days of the week, and after enjoying the beauty of Florence, one can easily take a train to reach Cinque Terre. The trains are again available in four major categories from Eurostar international, Superfast direct, Express trains, and also the slow but comfortable regional trains.

The other main city from which you can take trains to Cinque Terre is the city of Milan. The distance from Milan to Cinque Terre is about 154 kilometres (around 3 hours). Price starting from 26€.

Milan to Cinque Terre by train: Around 3h and price starting from 26

Genoa to Cinque Terre by train: Around 1h and 20 mins, price starting from 6,30

Florence to Cinque Terre by train: Around 2h and 30 mins

Rome to Cinque Terre by train: Around 4h and 20mins, price starting from 56

Parma to Cinque Terre by train: Around 2h and 30 mins, price starting from 11,85

Pisa to Cinque Terre by train: Around 1h and 15 mins, price starting from 8,50

(Prices may change. Visit the official Train Italia website for more information about the routes)

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