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Arrive in Cinque Terre by Plane

The ease of tourism connectivity in Italy is truly world class. The Italian domestic airlines serve a majority of the tourist destinations in Italy and their nearby cities through their vast and extensive air network. To reach Cinque Terre from an international departure city, one can choose any of the four major nearby airports to the region of Cinque Terre: Genoa Airport, Florence Airport, Milano Airport and Rome Airport. These four airports are the major tourist destinations of international flights in Italy. 

genoa airport From Genoa: The closest of them all is the Genoa airport. The airport of Genoa Cristoforo Colombo airport is a well-established airport with all the modern facilities, and hosts many international and domestic flights on a daily basis. Once landing in Genoa, tourists may either take the train or travel via road to reach Cinque Terre. There are many forms of public transportation available, including an extensive train network. The Road transport via bus or car is also a good option.  

 From Rome: It is also possible to reach Cinque Terre from the Roma Airport . Although a bit farther than the others, the Roma airport is a very busy international airport in Italy with flights outbound and incoming from all over Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, and across the Atlantic. The best option to take from Roma to reach Cinque Terre is train travel. One can check the train schedule in advance, and plan your travel in a way that suits your itinerary.  

From Milano: Being one of the most popular international tourist destinations, Milan is the busiest place in Italy. It is well connected with all the European airports, and is a very big and busy international airport. One can easily reach Cinque Terre after landing in Milano. The trains to Cinque Terre are very frequent and can be easily found. The rental companies also offer services of rented cars to reach Cinque Terre from Milan.  

From Florance: The other closer Airport to Cinque Terre is the Airport of Florence. Being well connected and located in the central part of Italy, the city of Florence itself is a wonderful destination in Italy for tourists. The city is well connected by road and train to Cinque Terre, and one can choose anything from public transport buses to trains to reach the famous Cinque Terre from Florence. 

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