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Arrive in Cinque Terre by Car

 The Cinque Terre is well-connected via road routes to all the major cities in Italy. One can easily travel to Cinque Terre by car services or can also hire a car for himself to reach Cinque Terre from Florence, Rome, Milan or other cities. The roads of Italy are well-designed, given the fact that Italy is home to many of the world’s best car manufacturing companies. These roads trips can also prove to be an exciting experience in and of themselves in your journey to reach Cinque Terre.

autostrada italiaThere are many possible routes to reach Cinque Terre from one particular city. You should consult your car hiring company for any specific route or the instructions or your chosen route. One can also hire a professional companion to guide you  in reaching Cinque Terre.

One of the famous routes to reach Cinque Terre is from the city of Genoa. From Genoa, which is located in the northern side of Cinque Terre, one can take the efficient and wide express route of A-12 Autostrada in the South for their journey to Cinque Terre. A tip to remember while taking this route is that one should expect a bit of FOG in the months of November to May during the early mornings and the late evenings.

The other famous route to Cinque Terre from the southern direction is from the direction of Pisa to Cinque Terre via the same A-12 Autostrada route for their journey. This route is also excellent for a road trip and one should expect the same foggy conditions during the period of November through May.

While taking the A-12 route from either the South or North, one must make a turn and take the exit at Carrodano – Levanto. After that, one must follow the route and signs to Monterroso or Levanto. The further road to Cinque Terre gets a bit narrower, and gives you the feeling of driving through the countryside. In this way the trip from Pisa can be very enjoyable, as it gives a good view of the Italian Rivera and has some magnificent scenery to offer. The same applies to the northern route from Genoa, as that too is a scenic drive full of beautiful places, with the coastline boasting amazing panoramic vistas. This road trip can be very fulfilling, and will prove to be an ideal start to your trip to Cinque Terre.

Overall, the region of Cinque Terre is well-connected from all the directions. There are also many shuttle bus services available to and from Cinque Terre. One can reach Cinque Terre by car completely, if he wishes to do so. You will find dedicated public parking lots for tourists once you reach Cinque Terre.

 A very important fact to note is that the use of vehicles inside the region, villages, and in the national parks is strictly prohibited, so you must take this regulation under advisement in order to avoid any embarassment. The best advice one could try to follow is to find private garages or car parks when you have reached La Spezia or Levanto. There are a number of commercial parking areas there that can accommodate your car. There are also parking areas in the village of Monterosso (Parking Fegina and Parking Loreto), Vernazza (600m outside) and Riomaggiore (outside).


Detail Instrunctions from Milan

Distance: 230km, Travel Time: around 2h and 50mins

View Instrunctions Milan to Cinque Terre in a larger map


Detail Instrunctions from Genoa

Distance: 89km, Travel Time:  around 1h and 20mins

View Instrunctions Genoa to Cinque Terre in Larger Map


Detail Instrunctions from Florence

Distance: 186km, Travel Time: around 2h and 10mins

View Instrunctions Florence to Cinque Terre in Larger Map


Detail Instrunctions from Rome

Distance: 460km, Travel time: around 4h and 30mins


View Instrunctions Rome to Cinque Terre (A1) in Larger Map

 or you could take SS1 and A12 (441km, 4h and 45mins)

View Instrunctions Rome to Cinque Terre (SS1 and A12) in Larger Map


Distance from Pisa: 115km, around 1h and 30mins

Distance from Parma: 160km, around 2h

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