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What to See and Do in Corniglia

Largo Taragio cornigliaThe most quaint, picturesque and authentic of the five towns of the Cinque Terre, perched along the Ligurian Coast, Corniglia is surrounded by many terraced vineyards on three sides, while the other descends steeply towards the Ligurian Sea. Being a promontory, this quiet village is predisposed to rural, rather than maritime pursuits, especially wine making. Its meager population of close to 240 permanent inhabitants makes this beautiful place the smallest and also a rare holiday spot. Also because of its central location in the Cinque Terre, Corniglia serves as a stopping point for visitors looking to hike through this area.

As one walks along this peaceful village, one witnesses places of beauty and grandeur. Some must visit locations are:

The Main Square - Largo Taragio

The main square is home to an old WWI memorial, besides featuring the town’s ancient well. This well, pumped from natural springs, was once used by the locals that had no proper plumbing. As a visitor, you will also find big trees providing shelter to its local cafes which use this canopy to set tables underneath it.

San Pietro:

This Gothic church which was constructed in the year 1334 on the remains of another ancient structure is nothing short of a stylish visual marvel. Located not very far from the main residential area, one must definitely visit it for its sheer beauty.

Spiritual Center:

Oratorio di Santa Caterina, resembling a church, is actually a meeting place for groups affiliated with the Catholic Church. Behind the Oratory there lies an open field that affords peace to those who want a quiet day under the sun. Grace this one to see the mesmerizing paintings and construction of this place.

Santa Maria Belvedere:

Nearing the descent towards the sea, Santa Maria Belvedere affords a panoramic view of the Ligurian Sea. It takes its name from a church of the same name which once stood here. It can be found to the west is the village of San Bernadino, reachable via the shuttle or on a long uphill hike from Vernazza.

Guvano beach:

A very quiet and peaceful place, its nature is very elusive. It is an ‘adults only’ beach known for its nudist- beach culture. So don’t be surprised if you happen to bump into people wearing nothing but their skin and enjoying the serenity like their own private paradise. The nudity however is not compulsory, so there is nothing that should restrict you from experiencing the Guvano beach.

While on the topic of beaches, don’t miss the main Corniglia beach which rests exactly opposite the train station. Although this beach is quite long, its surface is mostly rocky. Also the high tides make this beach become a tiny one in comparison to its natural state.

Spending some days in this charming place is nothing short of a blissful experience. It beats all the other localities in the Cinque Terra because of its position on the land that overlooks the stunning coast. The view from this place is what makes Corniglia very special. In the company of Corniglia’s leisurely pace, the sunshine here will guarantee you a peaceful time.

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