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Bar and Restaurants in Corniglia

The most quaint and picturesque of the five towns of the Cinque Terre, perched alongside the Ligurian Coast, Corniglia is surrounded by many terraced vineyards on three sides, while the other descends steeply towards the Ligurian Sea. Being a promontory, this quiet village is predisposed to rural, rather than maritime pursuits, especially wine making.

Ideally Corniglia doesn’t have a lot of trattoria or eatery options but the ones that are there fantastic! Panna Cotta – is the favored dessert. If you dote on seafood then it doesn’t get any better or fresher than here! At the Ligurian coast fishing is the primary occupation so expect a lot of fishy things! The region of Italia is also home to ‘pesto’ so make sure to give it a try at any one of the local eateries around. You will not be disappointed with the food here in Corniglia..

Some very famous Corniglian restaurants and stores are as follows:

Vicenzo and Lorenzo Butiegas' shop

It isn’t a restaurant, but is a small shop that specializes in making organic local products for sale.

Bar Matteo (Via Fieschi 157, Corniglia)

Before or after a hike one may crave a bit of caffeine and this place is well known for their caffeinated beverages.  A quick espresso bar with good and friendly service, they also serve small meals and beer.

La Posada (Via alla Stazione 11. Corniglia)

This place is more like a tiny paradise. A very pretty, shaded garden spot, with canopy tables that are spilling over with colorful flowers and a heavenly view of the bay to the south of Corniglia, this place is a must visit. This place also rents rooms.

La Posada corniglia

La Posada

A Cantina de Mananan (Via Fieschi 117, Corniglia. Tel: 0187-821-166)

This tiny restaurant is tucked away in a small, narrow street of Corniglia. A little old, but pretty cozy, this is probably the best restaurant in town. Self-confidant in what they cook with a purist philosophy, A Cantina de Mananan can be a wee bit in the face at times as told by many visitors. But nothing changes the fact that this place still gets revisited time and again because of the deliciousness of their food.

Enoteca "Il Pirun" (Via Fieschi, Corniglia)

The owner who runs this eatery – Mario, is a wine maker himself and has a great place that stocks all types of wine, besides entertaining his guests. So do probe. Has a small nice upstairs seating arrangement and food gets served post 7pm

UN Mare di Yogurt (Via Fieschi 72 | Take a right off Via Fieschi just after Ciappa Square)

Reasonably priced creamy frozen yogurt shop. Tip: Try the Yoghurt with Fragola to taste a piece of heaven. Supposedly, the best gelato in town, it is quite familiar amongst most tourists.

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